Grants – Catch 22

catch 22Over the past few months I’ve been looking into any and every means of funding I can think of. This included a search for grants.

Unfortunately most of the sporting grants I found are either for kids or clubs; but I did find one that looked promising. They said they would consider individuals.

I dropped them an email asking for a bit more info.

I got a reply from an incredibly helpful person. They went well out of their way to help me find out about local clubs – there are none specifically for middle aged, first time wheelchair athletes in my area. In fact, there are no clubs for disabled adults, so they suggested my local running club. That might be a consideration for the future – despite the help though, they couldn’t really help with a grant.

To be eligible for the grant, they want to see a minimum of 6 months commitment to the sport (wheelchair racing).

So, in order to get a grant towards a racing wheelchair, I have to show that I’m committed to wheelchair racing. But how do I access a chair to show this commitment when I only have access to a local running club with no wheelchair athletes and no chairs??

If you help me CrowdFund a chair for my use, I’ll raise the money to buy another chair to give someone else the chance you’ve given me. Cheers!