How To Pay It Forward?

Pay It ForwardI started the RaceChair PIF campaign to help me buy a racing wheelchair. At the outset, I pledged to (at least) match the funding I raised by using the chair in sponsored events.

What I didn’t make clear, was what I would do with the money I raised. The reason for that is simple. I didn’t know. And I still don’t!

I’ve had a had a lot of interesting discussions about this and there have been many great ideas. I think that it’s fair to say that most break down into one of three themes:

  1. Find an existing charity that broadly supports the essence of my campaign and give them all the money.
  2. Find similar campaigns on Crowd Funding websites and distribute the money between them.
  3. Create a new organisation, either a non-profit, Social Enterprise or Charity. Then buy a fleet of sports wheelchairs and either loan them out or give them away.

This list isn’t exhaustive. There are pros and cons to all these themes but my brief, initial thoughts are:

  1. Is very easy to manage. We just need to raise the cash and give it to someone else to sort out. In fact, if we use something like “Just Giving”, we don’t even need to collect any cash!
  2. Needs a little more thought but there are loads of appeals like mine. There’s a few different ways we could do this and it wouldn’t be too difficult to organise.
  3. Is obviously a whole different beast. But, it might allow us to be much more targeted in the support we can give. I found it impossible to find funding without running this campaign. I’m sure I’m not the only person in my position. We might be able to access more money via grants, bigger fundraising events etc.

I would love to hear more thoughts about this. So if you’ve got any ideas, or even want to help. Drop us a comment or two and lets get some discussion going.

Mind – lets not get carried away. I’ve still not hit my target! You can contribute at