Nearly There!

Motivation Flying Start

Motivation Flying Start

I’m delighted to say that we’ve now hit 60% of our funding target and that means that the Motivation Flying Start Racing Wheelchair is really starting to feel within reach. I’ve had a chat with the very friendly people at Motivation and they’ve put my name on a chair that is due to be available mid October.

Thanks to everyone that’s contributed so far. We’ve had some very interesting discussions about the “Pay It Forward” part of the campaign and what this will look like in practice. I’m going to write another post about the subject (hopefully later this week) because I’d like to have a bit of discussion about future plans. There have been several ideas proposed but I’m sure we can come up with more before making a final decision.

There are many people to thank but I appreciate that some have asked not to be named publicly. Needless to say that friends and family have featured highly; my colleagues at NHS Lothian and Radio Saltire too. We’ve even received a few donations from complete strangers. Such is the power of Crowdfunding! Thanks to you all 🙂

If you’ve not contributed, there’s still time. Please don’t forget!

If you’ve already contributed, can’t or don’t want to, sharing links is another way of helping even more:

Please share this post. A share is (nearly) as valuable as a contribution!