We Did It & I Got The Tyres Dirty!

Jamie in Racing WheelchairWe Did It!!

Thank you to everyone for the support you’ve given me during the first part of our campaign. We raised enough money to buy the Motivation Flying Start Racing Wheelchair and a pair of Harness Designs Racing Gloves. The Indiegogo campaign officially came to an end this week and they say that funds will be transferred during the first week of November. Once the money comes through, I can announce the totals received in £-Stirling and let everyone know what the fundraising challenge target will be.

The chair arrived from Motivation last week. As predicted, I am a little large to fit in it but fortunately the problem was length rather than girth! I can get my bum in the seat but folding up my legs has been a bit of an issue. The main difficulty though was that the centre of balance was too far back causing the chair to tip backwards without much persuasion. All’s good though, after a week of experimentation (and a couple of bruises), I’m managed to find a seating position that I think will work and today we went out to get the tyres dirty.

I’ve got an account on Strava, so feel free to join me there and keep up with my activity. Disappointingly, like many fitness apps, they don’t support wheelchair sports so don’t get too confused if it sometimes says I’m running!

Thanks again and here’s some pics!