This page has been edited to update the current status of the project.

The Racing Wheelchair PIF Campaign was set up to help me meet the costs of buying a racing wheelchair. I wanted to run a campaign that had a genuinely bigger aim than just buying me a chair, so I pledged to “Pay It Forward”and at least match the funding I can raised through this campaign.

JamieThe idea was that once I had a chair, I could enter events (or create my own) and use them to raise sponsorship money. My aim is (still) to raise more than the campaign generated. This money will then be used to help others in a similar situation to myself get out and enjoy wheeled disability sport.

I’ve been using a wheelchair for over 10 years. I can walk a very short distance but cannot “go for a walk”, much less a run. So at the age of 42, my sedentary lifestyle has started to add inches to my waistline. I decided to try and get some exercise. Unfortunately my day chair couldn’t cope with the strain, so I needed to get a chair designed for the purpose.

The cheapest, purpose built chair I’ve managed to find is the Motivation Flying Start. It’s only £600! That’s why my target is so low.

So if I can raise £600 to buy the chair, I’ll raise another £600.

If I raise more money, it will allow me to buy gloves or customise the Flying Start. But I’ll have to earn it by raising more in sponsorship money later!

So YES, this is an appeal to help me buy a racing wheelchair so that I can get fit and lose some weight. But we can do more than that! We can help more people to get access to these specialised wheelchairs.

Our campaign was a success and we raised enough money to purchase the racing wheelchair, a pair of racing gloves and some accessories like lights. The chair arrived towards the end of 2015 and we hoped to spend the winter getting used to the chair and starting some training.

Unfortunately though, it proved impossible to find a seating position that would accommodate my (very) long legs. The good news is that a handbike became available that suits my needs perfectly. So at the moment, I’m getting some cycling training in and the Racing Wheelchair is for sale. The fundraising to meet the original Pay It Forward promise will start soon.

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I’m also on Strava I was forced to stop training when I broke my chair but after a break, I’m back logging Handbike rides.